About Gary Begnaud

An Experienced Retirement Advisor

Gary Begnaud is a Financial Advisor with a keen interest in retirement planning. At Kidder Peabody, he drew up an extensive retirement plan for retirees transferring to San Diego. Likewise, at Merrill Lynch, Gary Begnaud created good client relationships through retirement and wealth management.

After resigning from management in 2006, Mr. Begnaud focused on retirement planning, among other things. Also, he received the Chartered Retirement Planning Counsellor (CRPC®) designation during that period.

Gary Begnaud helped create new partner relationships through retirement planning and wealth management seminars in local markets. Subsequently, in collaboration with his daughter, he built a formidable wealth management team at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. His daughter was initially a schoolteacher and a reading specialist before her transition into financial planning. By collaborating with their clients, particularly retirees, all receive the personal attention and integrity that comes with a family business. They also get to enjoy two seasoned professionals offering advice on the best retirement decisions to make.